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Established in 1960, Nebraska Scientific is a scientific equipment supplier located in Omaha, Nebraska that works with schools, colleges, and universities throughout North America. At our shop, we provide both live and preserved specimens, anatomical models, biology sets, laboratory supplies, microscopes, scientific furniture, catalogs, activity sets, and more. We offer a full range of over 2,000 educational science products for biology, anatomy, life science, and environmental science classrooms in all 50 states. Nebraska Scientific is a one-stop shop for all of your science needs.

Our Most Popular Products


Fetal pigs, sheep brains, cow eyes, sheep eyes, plucks, hearts, kidneys, pig organs including eyes, hearts, kidneys, uterus, cow spinal cords, preserved grass frogs, bullfrogs, preserved rats, cats and just about anything for the biology classroom dissection.


Microscopes, balances & scales, laboratory cabinets and tables, torsos, anatomical models, anatomy charts, and skeletons.

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